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Gluten Free

Clove & Oregano Artichoke Hearts Antipasti

148E / 12oz

Grown in sunny climates & rich soil, our marinated artichoke hearts are loaded with flavor and good for you too!
These aren’t your typical artichokes. We’ve enhanced their flavor with cloves & oregano for a slightly smoky flavor. On top of their great flavor, this unique vegetable is rich in fiber, antioxidants & vitamin C & K.  Healthy & delicious!
Suggested Uses:  Use on pizza, in a salad or use as the main ingredient in your next artichoke dip. Mix with your favorite hot or cold pasta dishes. Enjoy over grilled chicken with feta cheese, sundried tomatoes and fresh basil. The flavor of these marinated artichokes will bring your next antipasti platter to a new level.




Clove & Oregano Artichoke Hearts Antipasti 148E $8.95

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